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C  O  M  M  U  N  I  C  A  T  I  O  N  S

Alpha Roster Duty Roster SKHQ BBS

This part of the tour brings you to the Communications Department. The gentlemen at the right are currently in development of a method to decrypt coded messages. Other areas include the Alpha Roster, which is a database of Admirals and how to contact them. The Duty Roster is a listing of all personnel currently working at the StarKnight Headquarters. The hallway to the left takes you back to the building's entrance, where you can also catch up on the latest News. And lastly, in the corner over there are some voting booths in which we poll information from Admirals, such as yourself. Please take the time to visit all of the areas once the tour is completed.

Ok, let's continue so the crew can get back to work.

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